Support Staff


About the Team & Staff

The Dallas Defenders Organization is comprised exclusively of volunteers.  From the men in uniform who play the game to the staff who support them.  Supported by local members of the community, public safety organizations, family and friends from across North Texas. 

Board of Directors

Jim Walker - President/CEO

James Bristo - Vice President

Dan Malouf - Vice President

Chris Murphy - Director of Marketing & Community Outreach

Jenniffer Gibbs - Director or Communications & Public Relations

Marci Hale - Treasurer

Asa Hinson - Secretary

Committee Members

Jen Walker - Game Day Coordinator & Merchandise Manager

Dayna Price - Game Day Coordinator & Program Publisher

Team Doctors

William J. Robertson, MD

Texas Metroplex Institute for Sports Medicine & Orthopedic

3533 Matlock Road

Arington, TX 76015


Lesa Ansell, DC, APRN, AGNP-C, PLT

Resolutions Med Spa & Chiropractic

214 W. Beltline Rd, Bldg A

Cedar Hill, TX 75104


Training Staff

Jenniffer Gibbs

Megan Hinson

Jessi Price

Sheradon Nelson

Austin DeBoer

Video Staff

Dayna Price

Marci Hale